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We guarantee you premium support for every buyer of Impeka. Trust us, we know from first hand the true meaning of the word “Support”.

We are Resper.

Your stable trading partners in volatile times.
We focus on demand-driven decisions
And match the market demands through innovative trading services.
We bring global markets together
by sourcing the right solutions at the best value.

We source and supply at the best value rate for your stakeholders, and find products that are a good match between your clients and customers.

Researching profitable market segments.

Sourcing and distribution strategy.

Realizing profitable conversions-.

Our core expertise consists of wholesale trade and brand introduction into new markets.



Why choose Resper?

Resper works toward the goal of creating a successful distribution and long-lasting trading partnership.

In order to smoothen our operations we bundle our expertise and form one soli bridge for other companies to benefit from. We expanded in multi-locations to merge cultures and networks of experts around the globe. 

We work ethically and source commodities fairly through having trusted partners that focus on value-driven services.

Our Clients

We love to work with clients to develop unique projects.

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