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We guarantee you premium support for every buyer of Impeka. Trust us, we know from first hand the true meaning of the word “Support”.

Empowering your business to make the right connection(s).


Individualized plans made up from experience that will help you drive demand in new territories smoothly and quickly.


With our stakeholders we create value through the whole value chain by creating/matching demand with the right market segment.

Client driven

Our strategy reflects in all our processes. Our goal is to work with businesses to be client-centric by making sure their products match the market segments as seamlessly as possible.

Communities and environment

Thanks to our trusted partners we work ethically and source commodities fairly with products and services that care for their local communities.

Our skills at your disposal.

Today distribution is the biggest challenge brands are facing, by reaching out to smaller places. We are providing the finest distribution service which makes commodities available to its end users at the right time. Wherever you are, metro cities or smaller towns, we ensure a premium quality service.

We are providing procurement logistics and distribution logistics, with secure storing and warehousing facilities. Our warehouses are clean, temperature-controlled and have flexible working hours. It allows our clients to maximize productivity and minimize travel time between locations to enable better pick-up facilities and faster turnaround times. 

Retail market depends on the quality of products and supply chain. We are focusing to upturn the two main pillars of our service, which will finally match up to the market demand.

E-commerce is on boom, and surely we want to reach out to our customers through online platforms. E-commerces are very convenient for our customers as it allows us to reach them anywhere and anytime.

Branding is all about creating an emotional connection between our brands and customers. It creates a competitive advantage for the commodities which the company deals with. When developing and introducing a new product to the market, we help establishing a clear brand that fits the need and want of the (potential) customer(s).

Resper stands for reassured persistence in getting you the market you need.

Contact us to understand better how Resper can benefit your business. 

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